• HGV Economy ECU Remapping

    BHP UK's economy map is designed to help you get maximum efficiency from turbo diesel engines. This map is popular with large fleet owners. By safely altering the torque limits on the engine; at lower rpm’s you will achieve higher performance and improved economy.

    This map will enable you to shift up through the gearbox at higher rpm’s. This will also allow the engine to keep running at it’s optimum & allows extra mpg on the bottom line profit.

    BHP UK’s Balanced Map is the most widespread remap choice. Offering the best blend of power & economy for turbo diesel engines. Modified to de-restrict the engine's true torque and power range. All parameters are managed to optimise best burn times and achieve optimum in-cylinder pressures.

    BHP UK's Balanced Map offers HGV owners a better driving experience whilst giving an increased fuel efficiency figure. This map has the answer...

    BHP UK’s Performance Map is adapted to fully unleash the potential of your engine. Our Performance Map can be loaded on both petrol and diesel vehicles.

    The performance map is ideal for vehicles that need the extra power and torque. For example, for moving extra heavy loads, running optimised acceleration, experiencing a wider torque window, or simply to enjoy your vehicle. This map possesses power & performance!

    HGV Economy ECU Remapping
    HGV Economy ECU Remapping

Truck ECU Remapping, Truck Tuning &  HGV Engine Remapping

Truck Remapping & HGV Tuning in Leicestershire

Leicester ECU Remapping are renowned experts in Truck Remapping or commercial remapping for your HGV or bus. Given today’s fuel prices anyone who hasn’t considered remapping is really getting left behind. Leicester ECU Remapping are specialists in lorry tuning, diesel tuning, truck remapping, lorry remapping, truck remapping & cover all major makes such as DAF trucks, Honda trucks, New Holland, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel GM, Peugeot, Mercedes and many more.

Economy remapping the engine ECU of your truck, bus or HGV will not only improve the economy, torque & MPG but will also increase the power, torque, MPG and drivability of your vehicle. HGV & Truck Remapping by Leicester ECU Remapping is the answer!

Leicester ECU Remapping are specialists in Truck Remapping and regularly re map large fleets. We offer fleet owners massive fuel savings, increased MPG and better Engine efficiency on fleet remaps for their fleet vehicles. Our truck remapping services range includes: lorry remapping, truck remapping and hgv remapping. Not quite sure yet? Click here & see what our customers say.

Truck Remapping Service: By Top Engine Remapping Experts…

A few more things. They’re probably important.
All vehicles remapped by Leicester ECU Remapping are covered under our supplementary warranty scheme, please refer to Our Warranty section.

Truck Remapping & HGV Tuning:
By Truck Tuning Specialists

Leicester ECU Remapping  have over 15 years knowledge and experience in engine tuning. Differing to our competitors, our internal specialist map writers are available for you to consider & review all the HGV remapping & tuning options available for your vehicle, before we remap your HGV. Your HGV, bus or truck’s ECU can be remapped to your exact requirement. HGV ECU Remapping by Leicester ECU Remapping is the answer!
The ECU map we create can be tuned for optimum performance, for more low-down torque/power or quite simply, better fuel economy. Truck ECU Remapping = Leicester ECU Remapping .

ECU Remaps work on all HGV’s & Trucks

Leicester ECU Remapping  really are the number 1 experts specialising in Truck tuning & HGV Remapping. All our HGV Tuning and Truck ECU Remapping is carried out by our remap experts. Our aim is always to recalibrate the HGV engine management systems without altering the key factors of a HGV. HGV ECU remapping should not alter low down tractability or the reliability of the vehicle.

Our technicians will work around your schedule and we can even complete upgrades to vehicles not located at head office through our nationwide mobile service. Typically, a number of vehicles can be read all in one go and then written back to at a later time to reduce downtime. Get in touch now for special offers!